Motor vehicles that are towed with the help of a motor vehicle and produced for carrying loads are called trailers. The semi-trailer is a type of trailer, some of which sits on the motor vehicle, and some of the weight of the load it carries is carried by a motor vehicle. Truck carrier semi-trailer is one of the types of semi-trailer produced for carrying cars, trucks, tractors, head trucks or small vehicles. Truck carrier semi-trailers with large internal volume offer a comfortable use for our customers carrying vehicles.

GT Semitrailer develops designs that the business owners can comfortably transport with the quality and durable products it offers to its customers. With its durable and long-lasting materials, the truck-carrier semi-trailer takes business owners a step forward in the professional transport industry.

What are the Technical Specifications of Truck Carrier Semi Trailer?

The designs of truck carrier semi-trailers used in large and small vehicle transportation can be changed by our company depending on customer demand. As GT Semitrailer, we offer our customers car carrier semi-trailers made of quality and durable material that can carry 2 or 3 axle truck carrier semi-trailers / 2 or 3 head trucks / 9 small cars. Technical characteristics of truck carrier semi-trailers can be listed as follows:

With the truck carrier semi-trailer produced by GT Semitrailer with quality materials, people in the transportation sector will find themselves one step ahead in the sector they are in. Transportation can be carried out easily with our semi-trailers that have easy loading and lowering possibilities.

With its components developed using today's technology, easy use, our customers are offered comfortable and safe use. It guarantees its users safe transportation with its locks produced in EU standards.

What are the Advantages of Using Truck Carrier Semi Trailer?

Trailer is an indispensable part in the transportation industry. Trailer types also differ according to the type of material they moved. Truck transporter semi trailer system provides great comfort for people who make big and small vehicle transportation.

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