Suitable for glass or concerete elements loading & unloading work, Inloader semi-trailer types are analyzer and practical additive products designed for the use of individuals doing transportation. Trailers are parts that connect the rear of the vehicles and carry out the load carrying action. They are produced from different materials according to the functions they will be used. Semi-trailer models produced from different materials are offered for use in different jobs according to different materials. Trailers are non-motorized add-on structures used behind motor vehicles. Depending on the type they are designed for, they can be used for concerete panels or glass product transportation functions.

What are the Advantages of Using Trailers?

Trailers, which are indispensable parts of freight transportation, are divided into three classes as full trailers, semi trailers. Trailers that are fully loaded are called the full trailer system, while trailers that share a large part of the load with the towing vehicle are called semi-trailers.. Inloader semi trailer type is a preferred type of trailer for the transportation of float glass or precast concrete elements. Gt semitrailer aims to provide a different perspective and quality to transportation by realizing the trailer designs and productions in forms suitable for the customers' needs. It is now possible for you to make things easier with the appropriate solutions in the trailer systems, which are indispensable for construction and transportation works.

What are Inloader Semi Trailer Specifications?

Technical characteristics of the Inloader semi-trailer product, which is often preferred in the transportation of flat glass or concrete elements, can be listed as follows:

Gt semitrailer prioritizes wide interior volume and protection in semi-trailer designs. With the durable material used in the designs, you can safely use your Inloader semi-trailer for many years. You will have the privileges of easy transportation and comfort with semi-trailers produced by utilizing all the elements of technology. Together with the GT semitrailer, the semi-trailer that you will use for many years will accelerate your work and your professional choice will make you a professional choice.

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