Platform semi trailer system is used to transport different types of dry cargo. It is designed in the most useful way, taking into account the needs of the people doing transportation. It makes the transport process more practical and easy. Platform semi-trailers or flatbed semi-trailers are the most convenient and common trailer type for general cargo.

Semitrailer GT, Turkey is providing production-based all over the world. It has an extension of 8 meters and it has different features for the optional semi-trailer or flatbed trailer. Depending on the customer demand, power steering or self-steering options are offered to our customers.

What are the Advantages of Using Platform Semi Trailer?

The platform semi trailer is designed to carry out the dry product transportation from freight transport more comfortably and professionally. Trailers that are essential to freight transport are; It is divided into three different types as full trailer, semi trailer, central axle trailer. Semi-trailer types are produced by GT Semitrailer with the highest quality materials in order to meet the needs of customers. Bringing a new perspective to transportation, GT Semitrailer designs its own semi-trailer types and reveals its vision.

With the long-lasting and durable materials used, our customers dealing with the transportation business are provided to perform their transactions safely and comfortably. With the platform semi-trailer system produced by GT Semitrailer, you can also professionally transport in your own business. Platform semi trailer in safe product transportation, durable steel and aluminum materials and dry product transportation is offered to our customers in a way to facilitate the transportation process.

What are the Platform Semi Trailer Specifications?

The platform semi trailer, which is used to transport different types of dry products and materials, is also the most common type of trailer in general cargo use. Technical characteristics of the platform semi-trailer system can be listed as follows:

Thanks to its durable material, the platform semi-trailers that you can use for many years are presented to our customers with useful designs of GT Semitrailer. You can contact our sales consultant Ahmed Barakat (+90) 533 169 0406 for more detailed information and quality transportation.