The garbage semi-trailer, or otherwise called waste transfer semi-trailer, is used to transport waste collected in the inner parts of cities and stored in intermediate stations to solid waste storage areas located outside the city. Trailer production and design is planned to have different technical features in the areas that users need. The trailer system used for many different purposes is an indispensable part of the transportation industry.

The garbage semi-trailer is designed for waste transfer to keep the city's interior and its surroundings clean. As GT Semitrailer, we manufacture the most useful and most resistant to external waste garbage semi-trailers for solid waste transfer. We continue to meet the demands of our customers with a professional work by developing the trailer system that will best meet the needs of its customers.

What are the Specifications of Garbage Semi Trailer?

Garbage semi-trailers designed to facilitate waste transfer are designed ideally with their large volumes and technological components. The GT semi trailer has many different loading capacities. With a loading capacity ranging from 40 m³ to 90 m³, our customers can easily access the most suitable option for them. Technical characteristics of garbage semi-trailers can be listed as follows:

Long-lasting garbage semi-trailers produced by GT Semitrailer with durable material are specially designed for waste material transfer. With the components developed within the framework of today's technology, it has been made the most convenient and useful for people who transfer waste.

What are the Advantages of Using Garbage Semi Trailer?

It is designed by considering the needs in the most appropriate way for the users of the garbage semi-trailer systems, which provides cleaning of the cities from waste, emptying the waste storage areas and transferring the waste to solid waste storage areas. Garbage semi-trailers manufactured by GT Semitrailer take the transportation sector to the next level with its wide interior volume and different capacity types produced in line with different needs.

If you want to get more information to have a garbage semi trailer, you can contact us through our website. Apart from this, it is possible to get information from our direct sales manager Ahmed Barakat by using the phone number (+90) 533169 0406.