We do not have any other brand companies only Gurlesenyil Trailer and GT Semitrailer. Do not trust those who say they are affiliated with us, they are brokers. You can only reach us from the phones and e-mail addresses on our website. Our authorized sales manager is Ahmed Barakat.

GT Semi Trailer is an exporting name for GURLESENYIL TRAILERS company, we are committed to increasing the profitability and productivity of the transport industry, by providing reliable and innovative maximum capacity trailers.

We are proud of our from 2007 years as a semi trailers manufacturer servicing the All over the world transport industry. As well as manufacturing state of the art semi trailers we provide quality new and new semi trailer solutions which include sales . We are renowned in the transport industry for our hands-on approach and exceptional customer service. Among our customers are the likes of specifications.

While we are Turkish leading semi trailer manufacturer, GT remains a family-owned business. Our experience in technical development and manufacturing has led to the production of exceptionally versatile trailers that include unique features that deliver optimal operational performance.

Through our R&D efforts and the producing of customized solutions we have become an industry leader in the technical development and manufacturing of semi trailer company in Turkey . Among examples of innovation are Low-bed Semi Trailers , the alloy lined Slide-a-Gate, load restraint curtains, an ultra-low-neck skeletal and our Road Friendly Suspension.

Whether it's hire or sales, it is all handled by the expertise and proficiency of the GT team who provide excellent one-on-one customer service. GT semi trailers company servicing division are located at Ankara – Turkey.

Our head office and separate manufacturing and engineering premises are located in Ankara. We also have offices in Russia and Egypt, Advantage Semi Trailer and Road Friendly Suspension (RFS) which provide a complete solution to your freight transport needs.
Sales: GT Treyler Makina İmalat İthalat İhracat Nakliyat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Manufacturer: Gurlesenyil Treyler Ltd. Şti. (Click:www.gurlesenyil.com.tr/EN)
Our other website: (Click:www.gtsemitrailer.com)