The side loader is a kind of construction machine that allows to move the load sideways. It facilitates the transportation of products such as steel beams or long wooden planks. Sidelifter is a semi-trailer used to transport and lift containers over long distances. Side loaders produced by Gt semitrailer consist of quality materials. With its large volume and durability, you can go up in your business with professional transportation with GT's sidelifter side loader semi-trailers.

Container Side Loader Semi Trailer Features

Loading capacity of side loader container semi trailers has 45 tons. It is used to transport different size container types such as 20, 30, 40 feet. Gt semitrailer produces different types of side loading container trailers in line with the needs of its customers. The most suitable tug for container cargos is the self-loading container trailer. Depending on customer demand sidelifters GT semi-trailers are presented to the whole world from Turkey. GT Semitrailer offers different features of side lift container trailer or container side loader semi trailer to its customers. Technical auditions:

Skeleton container semi trailer: GT semi trailer offers different types of skeleton trailer for container transportation. Optionally, 20, 30, 40, 45 feet containers can be transported. 8 container locks are used in EU standard.

Dump chassis container semi trailer: GT Semitrailer manufactures tipping container trailers that allow its customers to carry more or less. The chassis and platforms of trailers can be changed according to the demands of the customers.

Extendable or high cube chassis container semi trailer: GT manufactures extendable chassis containers with a wide range of features. Maximum 10 container locks are used in EU standard. Trailer axle types provide long-term use with their durability.

Long Life Side Loader Semi Trailer With GT Semitrailer

GT Semitrailer has brought a different perspective to the transportation sector by making designs that suit the needs of its customers. It makes long-term use possible with the quality and durable materials it uses. The goal of GT Semitrailer is to make the transportation process easier for its customers with the innovations it brings to the trailer system and solutions for needs.

Container side loader semi-trailers produced by GT Semitrailer to meet different needs increase your professionalism in your work by making your transportation processes easier. You can go to the next level in the transportation sector with GT Semitrailer. For more detailed information, you can contact our sales manager, Ahmed Barakat, by phone (+90) 533 169 0406. You can also get information and communicate via the website.