Tanker Trailer designed to carry any liquid items like fuel, water, diesel etc. We have different Tanker Trailer opportunity starts from 20.000 Liter to 60.000 Liter capacity. with 2 to 6 compartments. GT Semi Trailer gives its customers wide range of Tanker Trailer assortment and find the best solution according to customer road regulations.

Bulk transportation of any commodity requires high standards for maintaining product integrity from loading, transit, and delivery. The success of your business depends upon reliable trailer design and manufacturing that uses top quality materials for both your liquid and dry bulk material transportation. Centerline Tank and Trailer Manufacturing has been serving customers for over 9 years with the highest quality fuel tank trailer, bulk liquid, and lpg trailers. The Centerline team brings the same attention to  all sizes and applications from 20000 liters , to 60000 liters septic truck trailers,  We specialize in custom stainless steel and carbon steel tank manufacturing to meet your specifications, budget and time frame, compressed lead times a specialty.

Tanker Trailer