LPG Tanker Trailers

GT Semi Trailer manufactures of high quality

LPG Tanker Trailers from Turkey

. In our LPG SEMI TRAILERS we use flow meter and pump for discharging and we use ST material on body of tank for 10 to 12 mm thickness. According to demand we can change the size and technical details. As GT Semi Trailer we can produce LPG Tanker Trailers between 20 Cbm to 75 Cbm with hydro-static test.

Tank and Dished End Type : Tank Body Type: Horizontal and Cylindrical  Dished Ends

Pressures Values Design Pressure: 26,5 bar  – Test Pressure: 17,5 bar  –  Safety Set Pressure: 17,2 bar

Capacity : from 20 to 57 m3

Tare Weight :  12500 kg (changes according to size)

Max. Payload :  27130 kg to 40500 kg (changes according to size)

Overall Length : 12100 – 14300 mm (changes according to size)

Tank Diameter : 2500 mm (changes according to size)

Width / Height (Overall) : 3900 mm / 4000 mm (changes according to size)

Shell Plate Thickness : 10 mm

Dished End Plate Thic. : 12 mm

Design Temperatures : -20°C / +50°C

Tank Material Quality certificated steel plates conforming to EN10025.

Welding Process : Certified welders in EN 287-1:2004 standard.

Welding materials : conforming to EN ISO 14171.

Shell and Cap Welding: SAW or SMAW + SAW

Nozzle Welding : GTAW or SMAW

Heat Treatment: Will be applied to only dished ends.

Painting System :

Sand blasting according to SIS 05 5900 in SA 2.5 degree.

One layer shop primer anti-corrosion.

One layer epoxy primer. One layer final acrylic paint.

Manufacturing Standards : AD-2000 MERKBLATT, EN 12493-2

Quality Certificates : ISO 9001-2008

Inspection Authorities : INSPECCO on behalf GERMANISCHER LLOYD – TÜV

Tests and Inspections : by TÜV Third Party Authorities Will be made by an Independent authority and issued a suitable certificate regarding to their inspection and tests.

Hydraulic Pressure Test   *Radio-graphic Welding Test

Certificates      *Hydraulic Pressure Test Cert & Report

*Radio-graphic Test Cert & Report WPS and WPQR Certificates , Welder Certificates ,  Material Certificates


Mechanical parts will be under warranty during 1 year against production defects.

2” Hydraulic Valve à 1 pc

Hydraulic Operator à 1 pc

2” Globe Valve à 3 pcs

2” Safety Valve à 2 pcs

Rota gauge (Rotary Level Indicator) à 1 pc

Glycerin Manometer (0-25 bar) Ø 63à 1 pc

Thermometer (-30/60 ˚C) Ø63à 1 pc *

Acme Adapter and Cover à 3 pcs

Chassis: Will be made of St-52 steel material with “I” type cross-section.

Cross traverses will be in the shape of “I”.

All sections will be welded with gas arc welding.

Axles: Turkish Brand , BPW or SAF 3 x 9,12,14,16 Ton axles brake drum or disc

There are brake shoes and heavy brake levers suitable for TSE norms

Suspensions ; It is supplied with Turkish brand of 6 pcs of air cushion with Z leaf spring or mechanical leaf spring suspension with 12 mm x12 pcs of layer with 100 mm width

Brake System ; Wabco brand ABS or EBS braking system will be used.

Brake Chambers ; 1 Axles with T 30/30 emergency brake chamber,2 axles with T 30 service brake chambers

Electrical system ; 2×7 pin sockets – 24V, lights accord to standard in SAE rear stop lamps, side marker lamps, brake safety warning lamps and signal light fitted at the rear

2 tail & stop combined lamps (red)

2 turn signal combined lamps (orange)

1 license lamp (white)

Tires; 385/65 R22,5 or 12 R22,5 or 13 R22,5 or 315/80 R22,5 Petlas , Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Continental

Rims; 11.75 R22.5 Jantsa-Jantas Brand

King Pin ; Jost or equivalent Turkish brand OMS DIN 74080 standards 2’’ or 3,5’’ king pin detachable from below made by SAE standards 8 bolt type. With E certificate.

Landing Gear ; Jost or equivalent Turkish brand front Jack feet are telescopic ,parallel working ,double speed jointed with wide shoes static 50 tons, dynamic 25 tons capacity

Painting ;

Before the painting, all surface is sand blasted

After sand blasting small parts are cleaned carefully

Epoxy gray is used for first protecting.

3 Times of high quality paints are applied on trailer

Thickness of painting checked by electronic devices

The color of trailer is selected by our customer according to RAL codes


1 pc Cabinet for loading-unloading system.

1 pc Cabinet for materials

1 pc Cabinet for Fire Extinguisher

1 pc Bumper

1 pc Water Tank

1 pc Spare Tire Bearer Basket

1 pc Plastic Chock and its port