8 Axle Semi Low Loader Trailer


Low Loader Technical Properties:


  • 95.000 Kg


  • ( GLY8 )– 8 axle Semi Low Loader Trailer
  • (Pool or platform semi trailer(Option: Extendable semi low loader trailer)


  • 16.000 Kg – 21.000 Kg

Axle Unit:

  • 8 Units.
  • (Options: self-steering​ or hydraulic steering axles groups)

Tire Unit And Dimension:

  • It is produce according to capacity or design. It is 32 units. 235/75 R 17,5″, 295/60 R 22.5″

Low Loader Chassis:

  • Semi Low Loader Trailer has been produced in welding constructions with gas metal arc welding as “I” crossing from high resistant steel considering overloads proper to capacity and intended usage.


  • It is according 17.5 rim and 8×12 tons, it is according 8×14 ton capacity 22.5 rims will be air suspension.
  • (Option: Hydraulic suspension semi low loader trailer. This option is taken with hydraulic steering axles)


  • Brakes system is used according to the standards EEC 97/12, double-circuit pneumatic, EBS, WABCO is brand.

8 Axle Semi Low Loader Trailer Dimensions:


  • 12500 mm – 15500 mm.
  • Varies depending on intended usage.
  • (Option: Extension 6000 mm – 10000 mm)

Total Lenght:

  • 16500 mm – 20000 mm varies according to demand


  • As air or hydraulic suspension 2500 mm with 3300 mm varies according to demand.

Platform Height:

  • Varies according to demand, Pool height 500 mm with 1000 mm, Platform type semi low loader trailer height 920 mm is between 1050 mm (Max)

Electric Installation:

  • The used Installation materials conform to the EEC 24 Certified European norms.

Loading Ramps:

  • Standart pneumatic or hydraulic system with is optionel, pneumatic ramp NPI 220 base material. To produce very strong ramps are like as alway, 1 year or 2 years later, it isnt necessary. So you can lets work, Hydraulic ramps will be make 2500 mm + 1500 mm = 4000 mm, Ramp specially designed is strong.

Platform Materials:

  • Semi Low Loader Trailer top of the platform is ¾ diamond-embossed and sides are “KTM (Rubber Base Material)“..
  • Over platform 8 mm is plain sheet for work machine bucket and from lower is support.


  • The desired color of Acrylic paint is used as top coat over two layered epoxy primer.

King Pin:

  • 2″or 3,5″ flanged bolts, resistant to high degrees of tension brakes, produced from forged steel. Easy to change thanks to screw connections. E Certified
8 axle semi low loader trailer

8 axle semi low loader trailer

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