Container Side Loader

Container Side Loader Trailer also we produce side loading container trailer which is used for carrying different kind of containers like 20-30-40 feet. These Container Side Loader Trailer or side loaders or swing loaders is the most common trailer for container cargos. GT Semi Trailer can offer different specifications of Container Side Loader Trailers or side loading container trailer from Turkey to the World according to customer demand.


  • BPW, SAF or Certificated Turkish Axles
  • Self Steering or hydraulic steering axles
  • Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear , Petlas , Sava brand tires
  • JOST or GOS Turkish brand parking leg and king pin
  • ST Quality Steel usage
  • Air or Mechanical Suspension
  • ABS and EBS brake system
  • Steel Rims


It is manufactured by using inert-gas welding machinery from / out of high durable steel as cross sectional , Over loadings had been taken into consideration at the durability calculations.


It is manufactured in accordance with the European standards. It has a carrying capacity of 8-12 tons and donated with an automatic adjusting break lever.


2 Slt is made of forged steel (42 Cr Mo4)which is coherent to 2 SAE/DIN norms and durable against high level stretching and breakings .It can be replaceable via screw connections.

Container Side Loader